Thinget PLC

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Thinget PLC sale, in different models

پی ال سی تینگت

Thinget PLC

Reasonable price, the high features of this product has been able to open its place in the PLC control industry, close competition with European brands is one of the main features of this product.

powerful PLC with advanced features and diverse digital, analog and temperature modules.

Features: CAN Bass network, Bass mode, on the CPU, with 3 High speed counter inputs 100 kHz on the AB phase Cpu.

Different models of CPU: in two transistor and relay models of 60,48,32,24,14.

Analog Cards: AD ، DA ، Ad-2Da ، AD-4pt 2da.

BD board Cards in ad2ptp-2ad2pt1da-4adp models.

Price list OF Thinget PLC:

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Price list OF Thinget PLC