• Installation of a new generation of Siemens on the lathe machinery sinumerik Siemens 808D.
  • powerful and reasonably priced control.
  • with an additional panel on the pack.
  • Lathe specific control.
  • DNC capabilities as flash memory on the control, and without a PC.
  • Ability to backup, data machine and PLC on flash memory.
  • online PLC program display on the controller easy troubleshooting without using a computer.
  • Quick access to all data machine values and so on.
  • Ability to install on all servo drives on the market of pulse type, position control.
  • Digital controller input values ​​of 72  CNC lathe model.
  • Output values of 48 output digital controller.
  • Tool number support: 64 tools.


An example of completed projects at 20th km of Karaj old road of Shahre Qods is shown in the following picture gallery.

Photo Gallery:

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