Proportional card

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Proportional board

sale of single and double proportional card of hydraulic valves P and Q.

Tested in Rexford hydraulic solenoid valves – high Star – diplomat – Bush proportional solenoid and so on.

Used in plastic injection machines, hydraulic presses, die casting, extrusion and so on.

  • Input voltage: 12 to 38 volts. Ac.DC.
  •  input control voltage: 0 to 10 V. DC
  •  Output voltage 0 to 38 V DC.
  •  Maximum current of proportional board 5 ampere.
  •  With external volume input.
  •  With on-board current and output voltage potentiometer.
  •  With high-power isolator on the output separately.
  •  Reasonable price, high quality with installation manual.