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Installation of CNC control | اتوماسیون صنعتی کاسپین | نصب سیستم کنترل CNC | برنامه نویسی PLC
  • Installation of lathe machine. cnc
  • Siemens control installation, hosting and GSK on CNC lathe machine and implementation of DNC system.
  • Setting up Russian, Western and European CNC lathe.
  • switching motor and axis drive to up to date system.
  • Replace the spindle motor to AC motor system that is controlled by motor speed control, (inverter).
  • Complete familiarity with a variety of CNC lathe and existing controllers on the market.
  • Replacing the old controllers to the up to date system.
  • Having resume for installation of Siemens control on conventional lathe machines and machines with two tarts and 32 tools.


An example of a project carried out cnc milling machine