• installation of Siemens controller 802 c on milling machines, complete machine installation.
  • Replacing the control with Fabric-based motors system DC SERVO.
  • Installation of Siemens control 802 c 802, D 810, and 840 on typical CNC milling and gateway machines.
  •  The replacement of old CNC system with up to date system.
  • The replacement of old servo motors and drives with the up to date pulse system.
  • Cnc milling familiar types and models available on the market.
  • With full resume of installing control from control replacement and full rebuilding of off devices in Qazvin, Hashtgerd, Tehran, Mallard and Shahre Qods.


An example of a project carried out installation of CNC-controlled milling machine in Abyek Qazvin + Videos

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Video installation control cnc 802C: