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Caspian Industrial Automation Projects

پروژه های اجرا شده در حوزه cnc
پروژه های اجرا شده در حوزه plc
پروژه های قابل اجرا در اتوماسیون

Confidently join us and send your projects to the experienced Caspian Team!

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Number of completed CNC projects

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Caspian Industrial Automation Services

Corporate Automation Consulting

Advice on purchase control and a convenient CNC drive for the machine tool.

PLC Control Controller suitable for all industrial machines.

Advice on buying SNC machines.

Construction and assembly of electrical switchgear

The construction of the frame of the Rital Electricity Switchgear and the Rittal design are equipped with a workshop for the assembly and assembly of cellular powerplants and commands.

PLC power assembly, framing the electrical switchboard with the drawing software, and making the Wyering map after assembly in accordance with technical and engineering standards.

Unit Repair

One of the most important part of Caspian industrial automation is the repair department.

Specialized repair of CNC machines and machines, with PLC control.

Having a technical and engineering department and experienced in the field of specialized machinery repairs.

Caspian Industrial Automation Skills


Specialized repair of PLC machines


Specialized repair of CNC machines


Installing the CNC control system on the machine tool


Install PLC control system on machines

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